• Wine-Road… in Abruzzo

    Welcome to Abruzzo! Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land between the[...]

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  • IRON TOURS – Excursions to Iron men and carers

    The villages of SAFFRON to the discovery of the gold dust of the plateau of Navelli departure to the National Park of Gran Sasso,[...]

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  • Welcome to Abruzzo

    Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land between the highest expressions[...]

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    In June 2013 You will start at the third edition of IRONMAN 70.3 in Italy. Book now your stay and[...]

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Welcome to Abruzzo

Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land among the highest expressions of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Here majestic mountains, silvery green hills of olive groves sloping down to the sea, "the wild Adriatic" sung in verses of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio Abruzzo, mapping the coordinates of an unique and fascinating region. An arcane and solar region that will conquer with the quiet beauty of its villages, with the hospitality of its people with its popular treasures of art and crafts, with its gourmet food traditions anchored that Abruzzo enshrines the pristine yet to offer its guests.

Abruzzo and Marche

Abruzzo e Marche

A tour that combines the highlights of two regions. Le Marche with its famous caves, the castles and the Ducal palaces and Abruzzo with its variety of landscapes and natural, its Romanesque churches and characteristic villages. Together we will learn to know the similarities and differences in these two regions, from [...]

The Pardon of celestinian forgiveness

La Perdonanza celestiniana

In 1294 the city of L'Aquila had the honor to assist in the Basilica di Collemaggio, not yet completed, the elevation to the papal throne of hermit Pietro del Morrone. The new Pope Celestine V, as the first act of his pontificate, wanted to reward the city, by granting a plenary indulgence annual anyone on that day (28 August), After [...]

La Madonna che scappa

La Madonna che scappa

In the Abruzzo region of Italy each Center has its holy week re-enactment. The best known and also one of the most beautiful place in Sulmona the morning of Easter Sunday. Here for centuries held a unique commemoration focused on the figure of the Madonna. It is the representation of one of the most [...]

San Domenico Serpari in Cocullo and

San Domenico e i Serpari di Cocullo

Every year, the first Thursday of may, in a small town in the mountains of Abruzzo takes place a party still tied to ancient pagan worship of snakes. The feast of St. Dominic and Serpari in Cocullo is a celebration of life between the sacred and the profane. The ancient snake veneration of marsa population was [...]

Art and wine in Abruzzo

Arte e Vino in Abruzzo

The teramano, cradle of exquisite delicacies and land of great wines. Delicious dishes but light at the same time, accompanied by prestigious wines: Montepulciano, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Cerasuolo. Visit the plot without doing honour to its cuisine and its wines would be like going to Rome and not visit the Coliseum!! We want to make you [...]

La via della pasta

La via della pasta

The ancient tradition of pasta production in our region is one of the expressions in the Green River Valley, in Fara S. Martino, at the foot of the Maiella massif. Pure water, Green tint, pouring from the rock at a temperature of 8° C, is the first natural ingredients that gives excellent and inimitable production of pasta. [...]

The path of oil ’

La via dell’olio

Almost every region of Italy has its own variety of olive oil. Abruzzo is no exception. Here you are always cultivated since prehistoric times large olive groves, both the hills not too distant from the coast to higher altitudes, in various natural basins, coma the Laver of Pelini and in ancient times on the shores of Lake [...]

A taste of Abruzzo ’

Un Assaggio dell’Abruzzo

Where the mountains meet the sea situated between the highest peaks of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo is also known as the "Green Region of Europe", the largest National Park in Europe. Here you can immerse yourself in the culture and in Italian cuisine. With us you can explore the coastline with glorious beaches, [...]

Taste workshops

Laboratori del Gusto

The gastronomic traditions of Abruzzo is one of the most varied of the Bel Paese. The cuisine of a country comes from products of its territory, then in a region characterized by coalesce into a few kilometres of mountains, hills and the sea, the wealth of ingredients allowed local people to develop over the centuries of varied recipes [...]

Charme tours in Abruzzo

Tour Charme in Abruzzo

Our rich itineraries Abruzzo for all tastes: from religious history tour, art and nature! Short and long, for those who love to discover special places and for those who simply want to "pull the plug" from the usual life: Meanwhile, we send you a proposal different from the usual, a tour of great charm [...]

Video dall’Abruzzo