Between paganism and Christianity

The Abruzzo not only represents the most intact nature dell'appennino, these environments also retain intact places of great historical and artistic interest and parties and greatly relevant customs from the anthropological point of view. Impregnable fortresses and castles on aerial summits, art cities, ancient villages suspended in an arcane past, abbeys, rich in history and beauty come together for customs and rites of a remote and mysterious time that projects with strength in this.

This thematic tours will allow your groups visit the ’ Abruzzo during one of these periods. Beautiful views, also colours d ’ winter, the charm of the highest mountains of Appennino ’ reflected in “Adriatic wild Green” sung by D Annunzio and ’ places and rites that date back to the fascinating history of ’ encounter between paganism and Christianity, one of the most important conflicts and less known of the story that, just in the Abruzzo region of Italy has left traces details. A tour for people curious and eager to see beautiful things and discover enchanted places, between good hotel and restaurants serving typical local cuisine. THE 5 days of this route were designed to give a sense of discovery and adventure!

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Video dall’Abruzzo