• Wine-Road… in Abruzzo

    Welcome to Abruzzo! Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land between the[...]

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  • IRON TOURS – Excursions to Iron men and carers

    The villages of SAFFRON to the discovery of the gold dust of the plateau of Navelli departure to the National Park of Gran Sasso,[...]

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  • Welcome to Abruzzo

    Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land between the highest expressions[...]

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    In June 2013 You will start at the third edition of IRONMAN 70.3 in Italy. Book now your stay and[...]

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Welcome to Abruzzo

Welcome in a land rich in natural beauty, history and traditions, a land among the highest expressions of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Here majestic mountains, silvery green hills of olive groves sloping down to the sea, "the wild Adriatic" sung in verses of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio Abruzzo, mapping the coordinates of an unique and fascinating region. An arcane and solar region that will conquer with the quiet beauty of its villages, with the hospitality of its people with its popular treasures of art and crafts, with its gourmet food traditions anchored that Abruzzo enshrines the pristine yet to offer its guests.

Among Shepherds and fishermen

Tra Pastori e Pescatori

A truly complete food and wine tour that allows you to taste all the flavors of Abruzzo, from those robust and full-bodied mountain to coast seafood, passing through the kitchen, rich of a thousand prodotti tipici, of the hills. Lunch care, the beauty of restaurants, the quality of wine tastings of typical products, the charm [...]

Trekking and sea in Abruzzo

Trekking e Mare in Abruzzo

Summer in Abruzzo is a multiplicity of surprises, of colors, vacation possibilities and experiences. The long, large and spacious coastal strip lets see, behind, Green Hills by sweet profiles, dotted with terracotta roofs of ancient countries the frighteners, an unexpected treasure trove of art treasures, and even further, the [...]

Abruzzo Cross

Abruzzo Cross

A TOUR OF 8 DAYS MOUNTAIN BIKING FROM SEA TO SEA. In Abruzzo to introduce better this region you 2 national parks and regional parks. In order to understand the Abruzzo in its deepest part, its people, its culture and its nature you will be accompanied by our MTB Guide.

Trekking and culture

Trekking e Cultura

The discovery of two of the national parks of Abruzzo. Crossing the Highlands or unpolluted and deep throats, then be first suddenly small medieval retreats, Romanesque churches or villages that seem to have remained steady over time, or just simply go to shepherds who still carry out to pasture their flocks, crossing sometimes [...]

The Snowshoe Hike

La Ciaspolata

Our mountains during the winter months we offer the opportunity to practice one of the most beautiful winter sports, "The Snowshoe Hike". Learn about our valleys, our Highlands and our paths through long walks on snowshoes. Discover a little-known world.

D ’ Handicraft courses

Corsi d’Artigianato

Manual skills measured by discovering the charm of the ancient craft activities. You will be guided by experienced attentive and available to unlock the secrets of ancient crafts, treasured and passed down to us in the small villages of our region. The craft of Abruzzo has confirmed ancient centres tradition. Pescocostanzo is famous for the tombolo, Castles lives has always been the ability of [...]

Video dall’Abruzzo