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The gastronomic traditions of Abruzzo is one of the most varied of the Bel Paese. The cuisine of a country comes from products of its territory, then in a region characterized by coalesce into a few kilometres of mountains, hills and the sea, the wealth of ingredients allowed local people to develop recipes varied centuries and unique in their kind. With us you will learn how to prepare the famous zuppa di pesce alla vastese, or the virtues, Teramo cuisine dish, always linked to dispense cleaning, pasta alla chitarra, the timbale, the "scrippelle ' mbusse", and many other food again.

1. Cooking classes:

(Appetizers, primi piatti, main courses, unique dishes )

2. About sweet courses:

( Pastry, desserts, leavened cakes, chocolate )

3. Guided tasting:

(DOC Wines, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, PDO olive oil aprutino/pescarese)

4. Monographic lessons:

(bread and pizza, sauces, cold dinners )

In the months between months from December to January, you can participate in meetings organized by our "norcini" pork processing. With them you will learn to make the sausages, cured meats, the ham, the lonza, the bacon, the Cup, etc; which can be enjoyed on the spot or buy them to take them home.

Conditions: To present proposals on this page, ask for detailed programmes according to the needs of each group.

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