Each region reflects in his pulling the character of its people. In Italy a rugged landscape, made of mountains, where for centuries the small villages lived in relative isolation, led to the development of a multitude of religious and Pagan rites now entered the collective consciousness of his people. Visiting our region you will always come across one or more of these traditions: the feasts of Serpari in Cocullo; the corsa degli Zingari of Pacentro, historical reconstructions of battles in the Bandaresi Festival of Bucchianico, or more simply the complex and unique high religious celebrations such as the Pardon of Celestinian forgiveness in L'Aquila or the Madonna who escapes in Sulmona. Come and discover a region where relics of the past is preserved only within various ethnographic museums, but, especially in certain periods, relives through the participation of its inhabitants.

The Pardon of celestinian forgiveness

La Perdonanza celestiniana

In 1294 the city of L'Aquila had the honor to assist in the Basilica di Collemaggio, not yet completed, the elevation to the papal throne of hermit Pietro del Morrone. The new Pope Celestine V, as the first act of his pontificate, wanted to reward the city, by granting a plenary indulgence annual anyone on that day (28 August), After [...]

La Madonna che scappa

La Madonna che scappa

In the Abruzzo region of Italy each Center has its holy week re-enactment. The best known and also one of the most beautiful place in Sulmona the morning of Easter Sunday. Here for centuries held a unique commemoration focused on the figure of the Madonna. It is the representation of one of the most [...]

San Domenico Serpari in Cocullo and

San Domenico e i Serpari di Cocullo

Every year, the first Thursday of may, in a small town in the mountains of Abruzzo takes place a party still tied to ancient pagan worship of snakes. The feast of St. Dominic and Serpari in Cocullo is a celebration of life between the sacred and the profane. The ancient snake veneration of marsa population was [...]

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