Weekend special

Experience Italy by Tourism&The area also offers you the chance to spend a weekend or one day to discover part of Abruzzo. Ask for a program for a weekend between sea and mountains or under the banner of local food and wine traditions. Whatever your needs our professionalism and experience to ensure a unforgettable weekend.

Saffron Street

La via dello Zafferano

The gold dust of the plateau of Navelli. Are passed 6 centuries from when father Domenico Cantucci, returning from the Iberian Peninsula, reported in Navelli plant bulb of Saffron (al zafaran of Arabic origin). On the cultivation of Saffron is still alive and current and best quality, the Crocus Sativus, It is grown from the COOP. "Plateau [...]

Alla Ricerca del Tartufo

Alla Ricerca del Tartufo

A weekend in the Abruzzo region of Italy in the period of spring with accommodation at an excellent hotel 3 stars superior, days engaged in wonderful tours and tastings of typical products. A week-end to spend relaxing in the hills covered by vineyards and olive groves of the Abruzzo countryside and evergreens with an unforgettable day in search of scented [...]

Video dall’Abruzzo