Worship and culture

Abruzzo is a land rich in history and culture. For centuries the land of passage for pilgrims who wanted to travel to Rome from the middle and to the various armies that have fought their wars of conquest, Abruzzo has to offer an endless range of cultural and historical attractions. Ancient villages suspended in an arcane past, monasteries rich in history, fortresses, castles, Romanesque churches nestled in the woods of the mountains, archaeological excavations and more. The geographical position of our region, at the center of the peninsula, It allows us to offer you tours details. If you want to learn more about the beautiful Italy, We have prepared for you the tour that combino Abruzzo with Rome and the Vatican, with brands and its cities of art, with the Ubria and its beautiful scenery and more. Contact us. We are always ready to meet your needs.

Between paganism and Christianity

Tra Paganesimo e Cristianesimo

The Abruzzo not only represents the most intact nature dell'appennino, these environments also retain intact places of great historical and artistic interest and parties and greatly relevant customs from the anthropological point of view. Impregnable fortresses and castles on aerial summits, art cities, ancient villages suspended in an arcane past, abbeys, rich in history and beauty [...]

In the ancient castle

Nell’antico castello

We have prepared for you a four day tour under the banner of comfort and good taste. Starting from the Castello Chiola, an ancient castle dating back to the 8th century, who hosted in its history the Saints and warriors and that dominates a hill tops surrounding campaigns. now one of the best hotels in the region, our [...]

Abruzzo and Marche

Abruzzo e Marche

A tour that combines the highlights of two regions. Le Marche with its famous caves, the castles and the Ducal palaces and Abruzzo with its variety of landscapes and natural, its Romanesque churches and characteristic villages. Together we will learn to know the similarities and differences in these two regions, from [...]

The Pardon of celestinian forgiveness

La Perdonanza celestiniana

In 1294 the city of L'Aquila had the honor to assist in the Basilica di Collemaggio, not yet completed, the elevation to the papal throne of hermit Pietro del Morrone. The new Pope Celestine V, as the first act of his pontificate, wanted to reward the city, by granting a plenary indulgence annual anyone on that day (28 August), After [...]

Video dall’Abruzzo