For years, especially at the beginning of the 20th centuries, Abruzzo was associated with an idea of poverty and the Abruzzi described as poor and simple shepherds. Although this image well rooted to respond in any way to an old reality, omits the natural wealth of the Green Region of Europe. Our hills are covered with groves of rare beauty that produce excellent Virgin Olive Oil, vineyards that give rise to wines and recognized worldwide. The poverty of our mountains was soothed by the richness of what was once called the red gold, Saffron, imported by monks already in the 13th century and then exported from the plain of Navelli the rich Imperial Germany. Don't miss the opportunity and join one of our tours to learn more about this part of our region.

D ’ Handicraft courses

Corsi d’Artigianato

Manual skills measured by discovering the charm of the ancient craft activities. You will be guided by experienced attentive and available to unlock the secrets of ancient crafts, treasured and passed down to us in the small villages of our region. The craft of Abruzzo has confirmed ancient centres tradition. Pescocostanzo is famous for the tombolo, Castles lives has always been the ability of [...]

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